About Kim Stodghill

For nearly 25 years, I have worked closely with teenagers and young adults in multiple roles ranging from coach to advisor, in both college and multiple independent school settings. Through the process of collaboration and consultation, I guide young women and men to get to know themselves in a way that will help inform their decisions about college and what they hope to gain from that experience. My goal for students is for them to find the right fit for the next phase of their education – academically, socially, spiritually and financially. College is as much about education in the classroom as it is about learning skills to be a successful adult in one’s career, so it is important to look at it from many angles. 

Some students come to me fully prepared with a list of college options well suited for their needs while others will require a great deal of guidance to navigate the intricacies of the college process. For this reason my services are tailored to meet the needs of the individual student and family. From the athlete to the artist, the engineer to the English major, I have assisted in a wide variety of college search and application processes, each one as unique as the student involved.

Let’s work together to maximize the opportunity and minimize the stress!