Let Us Help You Tell Your Story

For most students, the most time consuming piece of the application process
is writing the essay(s).

Just knowing where to start can be daunting, and then
when you realize you have to write more than one it can be overwhelming! 

We are excited to have a new college essay expert working with Stodghill College Consulting to help you with the essay process. 

Meet Jennie Hubbard, College Essay Expert

Jennie Hubbard has over 20 years of experience working with students as a high school history teacher, librarian, and club advisor. Her passion for teaching has centered on developing relationships with her students and supporting their growth as writers. Many young adults have difficulty writing about themselves, and some fear they may not have a compelling story to share in their college essays. Jennie works diligently to make certain that each student understands that everyone has a story to tell and that all stories are important. She believes the essay writing process can provide a tremendous opportunity for growth and reflection. Her primary goal is to ensure that each student is proud of what they produce. Favorite Book: Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward Favorite Movie: The Godfather  Sandwich Order: Tomato and Duke’s mayonnaise on white bread

How You Can Work with Jennie

The College Essay Support Package*

Our essay writing packages provide you with all the support you need
to go from start to finish on a well crafted, professionally edited essay
that will help your application pop.

*All packages come with unlimited one-on-one support from our college essay expert who guides you through brainstorming and revising until you have a polished final product.

    $900 for the Primary Essay (No Supplements)
    $1200 for Supplemental Essays
    $2000 for Both Primary + Supplemental

    The essay is a key component of a college application.

    It gives a view of the student that goes beyond grades and accomplishments.

    But it can be so darn hard to write.

    As an essay specialist, Jennie can help!