Aahhh summer. The days are longer, warmer and typically more carefree. For many students, the time away from school provides opportunities to delve more deeply into interests and activities that might take a back seat during the academic year.

Some students will:

  • try out a job or explore internship opportunities
  • travel domestically or abroad on some type of enrichment adventure
  • enroll in one of the many college-based summer programs for high school students
  • spend the summer in athletic training or attending ID camps if they are hoping to play in college
  • add to their artistic or acting portfolios or work with a coach or mentor to help them improve their craft

For rising seniors, this added time in their days can be an opportunity to work on college essays and ease some of the stress in the fall.

Summer provides time for endless possibilities, but the less scheduled days should also allow students some time for relaxation. They are often going non-stop during the school year, and they do truly need some downtime in order to reset and maintain their health – mental and physical.

We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer! Our intention is to take time off too, so there will not be another blog until August. Be well!