The transition from high school senior to college freshman is an exciting and nerve-wracking time for teens (and parents!).

One minute they’re thrilled to be flexing their independence, the next they’re feeling clingy and apprehensive.

Even though this is all very normal, it can cause a lot of friction and anxiety in the home.

I brought in two guest experts who are adept at working with young adults in this process: School Psychologist Amy Scharf and Dean of Students at Goucher College, Dr. Aarika Camp.

We talked about managing expectations, letting go and practical ways to support your child as he or she prepares to leave the nest.

Watch the video to find out what to expect when your high schooler becomes a college student. 

For now, here are a few things to keep in mind during this wild and wonderful transition period:

Remember that our young adults are still developing.

You see them taking their first steps toward independence even though they don’t yet have all the skills they need to be fully independent, and it’s scary.

But it’s an important part in the developmental process and so we need to give them the space and the support to do that.

Prepare yourself for the blunders your child will inevitably make as they develop and become more independent. It’s part of the process.

Let them know the duality of emotions they’re experiencing is normal and that it’s okay.

Help them find resources, on-campus and off, that they’ll need to live independently.

Whatever you do, reassure them you are a safe place to go to when they encounter challenges for the first time.

We dive deeper into both sides of this process – the social / emotional issues you may see in your high school senior and the practical tips you’ll want to know when your senior becomes a college freshman.

We unpacked so much expert advice and covered a lot of ground so watch the recording for tips on helping your budding young adult fly the nest with  less friction, conflict and stress.