Education Matters, So Let the Experts Guide You Through Each Step

Not only do Kim and Claudia each have unique backgrounds in the education realm, but they also draw from decades of direct experience with the college application process. They draw from a network of expert resources across the country to help fortify their efforts with each individual student, and their custom approach is highly personalized and effective. They offer support for students and parents in a variety of ways, working to eliminate the stress that can take over as application deadlines draw nearer. 

When you work with Stodghill you benefit from:

  • Experience and expertise– They know the application process back to front, and can help ensure it is both simple and successful for your student.
  • Educational Backgrounds– Kim and Claudia have spent their careers gaining extensive experience in education, and their industry knowledge bolsters the process. 
  • A Team Approach– Not just Kim and Claudia, but all of their contacts and resources will be at your fingertips.
  • A Custom Game Plan– There is no formula for college admission success, so each child gets a personalized, tailored approach.
  • A Low-Stress Process– Parents can be as involved or backseat as they choose throughout the process, but either way, our goal is to eliminate the stressors that accompany prepping for and applying to college.
  • A Wealth of Information– We also send newsletters, host seminars, and give our clients access to a variety of information and materials to aid in their college application process.

We know that each student is special and unique, so this journey looks different for each one of them. Throughout their four years of high school, we seek to help students get to know their authentic selves, develop interests that enrich their lives, and tap into what their best futures should look like. Are you ready to get started? Call us for a consultation or simply fill out the contact form below. We would love to work with you and your student. 

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